Wednesday, July 6, 2011

first stage of motion project

During class the first day, I realized that instead of searching for an old poster or artwork to scan in, I would just use some of the ones I had used for a project in the fall of 2010.  When stumbling through tons of old files, I found a beauty of a spread... from a presentation in my history and philosophy of design class.

With tips from my professor, J. Shellhorn, I was able to whip up a quick clip of the image in motion.  The funny thing is that the chapter in which this image was found is titled, "Graphics in Motion." How convenient?!  This is the first stage, a few more hours of quality editing tomorrow... will post that later.

Untitled from Noel Rivard on Vimeo.

motion graphics: project one

Yesterday was the first day of my summer motion graphics class, and we were given our first assignment. I am so glad to have a project again! Doing creative things on my own is fun and all but I love having the challenge given to me.

Anyways, the project is to take sort of graphics poster, or in my case a spread in a book of Bradbury Thompson's design works, and make it move.  The end goal is to visually describe the story of the poster through the bringing things in and out of the frame and positioning the elements to create a loop that will eventually show the poster as a whole.

I will post videos as soon as I get my project going... so stay tuned!