Friday, December 16, 2011

B&J Jones Brewing Co.

I made up an imaginary brewery! Some family friends are turning 40 (the couple's birthdays are both in December) and my gift to them was a personalized beer bottle label. They are huge beer lovers. I found inspiration Foothills Brewing Co. by using a similar color scheme. Here it is! I'm pretty proud!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Three P's in a Pod

In the past few weeks I have been commissioned for two different logo designs. I'm pretty excited about both but was expecting to be stressed with these additions to my already overwhelming workload. Surprisingly, I didn't have too much of a problem getting things done... with a few less hours of sleep than usual (which isn't saying much). 

The first P is for a new website being put together for KU students interested in the 2012 election campaign called PoliticalFiber. It is the first one I'm actually getting PAID to do. I sent them a bunch of sketches... here are just a few. With the first couple here, I tried to show the idea of a strengthened community through close connections and continuous lines. They didn't have a color palette chosen either so I played with bold, strong chroma hues to relate to a younger audience. I also threw in a few displaying the more literal form of "fiber" as in wheat... relating to Kansas. They ended up choosing one of those and with multiple tweeks, you get the 4th and final logo. (I didn't get to choose the font, so don't laugh. Its optima.)

The second P for my aunt and uncle's family... more of a monogram rather than a logo. They asked me to combine their initials (for Todd, Lori, Barrett and Tyce) to create one "more fancy" image for a letterhead for their famous Christmas letter and a "fun" one for other things involving the kids.