Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Fine Pint!

My recent project was a photo essay/narrative on public typography in the world of beer... Mmmmmm!
The implications of typography in our environment are usually unnoticed, especially to the untrained eye. But as graphic designers, we have been taught to search for the typographic detail surrounding us everywhere ñ studying, analyzing and even creating it.

Therefore, being assigned to choose an immediate part of my environment to specifically dissect, I chose one of my favorite things, BEER. Sifting through liquor stores, breweries and bars I photographed as much of the typographical detail as I could find. Using these photos to illustrate a narrative to accompany my thoughts about public typography in the world of beer.

the cover – spine and back included

A special thanks to John Lowery at Boulevard for the tour and Nicholas Stahl for your help and inspiration.

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